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Protecting Women and Child: Yogyakarta’s Local Wisdom

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Stop for Women and Children's Right Abuse

Stop for Women and Children’s Right Abuse

Several cultural values  developed in Yogyakarta’s Special Region (Yogyakarta) until now. One cultural practice that irrelevant with universal human right values: view women position similar as servant (konco winking). Women face discrimination, men dominate the whole position in society (as we see patriarchy system still exist in Indonesia). Even though this negative value criticized by modern society in Yogyakarta, but in fact, violent conduct to women increase every year in Yogyakarta. Based on data in BPPM (Women and Community Empowerment Council), there were more than thousand victims in the year 2011 (BPPM data).

The local act of Yogyakarta Number 3 Year 2012 about The Protection for Women and Children’s Victim from Violent (download here) has been enacted in earlier year 2012 as the effort of local government to decrease the number of victims. This law also regulate about the promotion and education for society about the importance of women and children’s protection and also how to give direct service for victim. The local government will not implement this law alone, some non-governmental organizations also become part of actor to implement this law.

After the promulgation of this local law, Local Government of Yogyakarta’s Special Region should draft two Governor Regulation such as the incorporation of Pusat Pelayanan Terpadu “Rekso Dyah Utami” (Unity Service Centre “Rekso Dyah Utami” /PPT RDU) and Forum Penanganan Korban Kekerasan (Setllement Forum for Domestic Violent’s Victim/FPKK).  PPT RDU is central service which give direct action for every victims of violence such as health service, psychology service, social reintegration service, and other related service). PPT RDU will incorporated by local government with local fund in year 2013.

In order to coordinate the whole central service for women and child’s victim of violence, local government also asked to incorporated FPKK. This forum members consist of central service exist in Province Level, Local Regency Level (Kabupaten/Kota), central government, NGO’s and etc. This forum will coordinate twice in a year to analyze the quantity and quality women and child’s problem and also to solve certain central service problem in facilitating women and child’s victim of violence.

We have a big hope that this local law will give legal certainty toward women and child’s protection in Yogyakarta’s Special Region. Amin.

Dodik Setiawan Nur Heriyanto, SH, MH / Former legal drafter of Local Law Number 3 Year 2012 (Yogyakarta, 6 September 2012).


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